Sleep Soundly at The Feather Ball

<imgsrc="princess-sleeping.jpg"alt="princesssleeping"/>Even as a young child I had many invitations to The Ball. It was pretty awesome to think that perhaps I was Cinderella with an opportunity to dance the night away. Instead they were invitations from my Dad to attend The Feather Ball. It all became our silly little bedtime dittie. Those nights I was carefully tucked into the fairy tale world of fantasy dreams, were nights I slept well and undisturbed.

Sleep doesn’t always come easy or seem to be a night in a fairytale for many. An article on the NPR website sites statistics that 60 million Americans are affected by sleep disorders each year. Footsteps in Eden Reflexology sees that number as significant enough to dedicate our March blog posts and email communications to this challenge. And after all, Sleep claims March as its very own National Awareness Month.

Insomnia is not only frustrating the whole night long, it also has effects on the body. It may contribute to irritability, obesity, decreased immunity, increased susceptibility to chronic diseases, and decreased cognitive function to name just a few. If you are among the 60 Million Americans suffering from the lack of shut eye, you can undoubtedly name several more problems it creates. If you need reminders, just hop over to the C-Health website, and look at all the challenges it lists.

The next blog posts will feature many suggestions for getting that dreamy night’s sleep. We know, though, that you know the sleep inducing effect reflexology often has during a session. To help you claim a bit of that for yourself at home, here’s a link (on YouTube) to a DIY hand reflexology routine: Hand Reflexology: Sleep.

We encourage you, if insomnia is a challenge for you, to give reflexology an opportunity to help you sleep better. Call us or the reflexologist in your area.

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