The Essential Oils of Living, Laughing, and Loving

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Connie Scheel

Connie Scheel always blesses us with wonderful insights into the world of Young Living Essential Oils. Join her as she shares with Footsteps In Eden Reflexology her thoughts on essential oils of Living, Laughing, and Loving, gems worth mining. Participate in her Valentine Contest Special featuring EO4 Balance bracelets. Follow Connie on her Facebook page. Young Living Essential Oils are available for purchase at Connie’s Young Living World website.

by Connie Scheel

Live, Laugh, Love. This phrase has become quite popular. You see it in the craft stores, on frames, and coffee mugs to just name a few. To me, it’s an inspirational reminder to be present in each moment with gratitude. What does it mean to you? What essential oil do you associate with each of these words? Think about it for a minute… What EO helps you to feel present and grateful? Which lifts your heart to laughter? What EO brings deeper Love to your life?

Essential oils often complement and enhance the feelings we deeply desire in our lives. We want to feel less pain, so we rub Peppermint EO on our backs or knees (diluted, of course!). We want to feel less stress so we add a couple drops of Stress Away to our EO4Balance diffuser jewelry. We don’t want to feel sad, so we reach for Young Living’s Joy blend. I could give you countless examples!

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Valor, Lemon, Ylang Ylang – Young Living Essential Oils

Valor blend is the EO I use to live more fully and authentically. Living with courage and staying grounded are important values in my life, and Valor is a marvelous compliment. I wear Valor on one of my diffuser bracelets every day, and as I smell it at random moments I am reminded to be present in that moment. Thankfully, 5ml bottles are back in stock!

Lemon EO improves your endorphin levels which is very good for your emotional well-being. The happier you are the more reasons you find to laugh. Lemons just brightens up life. I’ve always thought it was funny- and amazing- that lemons can be used for SO many things, be very affordable whether you’re buying the whole fruit or the essential oil, and yet not many people choose to use this gift of nature. Irony can be funny too! Seriously, though, when my household is edgy or a little down diffusing Lemon lightens up the mood.

Ylang Ylang is the first EO I think of when it comes to Love. I danced with Ylang Ylang last year, and continue to turn to Ylang Ylang when I want my Love to expand for a person or situation. I love the sweet flowery fragrance that wraps around me… A great EO to diffuse on Valentine’s Day with your special love.

May you truly Live, Laugh and Love every day.

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