“It’s been 10 months since I started seeing you for Plantar Fasciitis pain. So, I wanted to formally express my appreciation for your healing touch of Reflexology.

When I first came to you in October of 2013, I could barely walk because my Plantar Fasciitis pain was so intense. That very first treatment gave me some relief and I was so grateful for any relief. Then, as I stuck with the “homework” and kept my Reflexology appointments, I began to slowly have more and more relief from my pain. Even the “balls” (scarred PF ligaments) on the bottom of my feet began to shrink. As you know, prior to trying Reflexology, I was told that the only “cure” was surgery and of course the use of pain medications! Well, I am proof that that is not true! Today I am walking, even running again, and it is not because I had surgery nor because I am taking any pain medications…it’s because I regularly receive your Reflexology treatments. Reflexology is something that I believe everyone should seek for whatever ails them before turning to “normal” medical treatments which lead to numerous side effects. There’s one more thing I’d like to share with you; for many years I have had frequent sciatica pains. Just the other day I realized that since I’d been seeing you for Plantar Fasciitis Reflexology treatments, I have not had one single sciatica episode! Reflexology and you are my biggest blessings! Thanks again, Lynn!” –Kim Ewing, RN

“I am just so thankful that I found you!  OMG.  What did I do before reflexology?” –Stanetta C.

“Thank you so very much for the reflexology treatment yesterday! It’s made a world of difference!! I can walk almost normally again, the numbness and tingling is reduced 75% and the pain is down 60%! I really appreciate your time, talent and Love of God that flows through you. Extremely grateful that God crossed our paths, Lynn.” –Connie S.

“I was skeptical about Reflexology initially. Now I’m a believer! I’m a runner and my hips then knees started bothering me. After just a few sessions, my hips were feeling better and I was no longer having pain when I ran. My hips don’t even bother me any longer. My knees have been helped tremendously by Reflexology. They don’t hurt like they did and are significantly helped by Reflexology. I AM a believer!” –LeAnn H.

Reflexology has been a great benefit for me. “I’ve seen Lynn Watson for 6 months, and have found her reflexology sessions to be a great benefit to my physical and emotional health. My overall level of stress is reduced, I am much more relaxed, and best of all, my migraine headaches are less frequent and much less intense when they do occur. I am so glad I have done this for myself, and would highly recommend reflexology with Footsteps in Eden.” –Gladys S.

“I have diabetes and many of the associated problems such as fatigue and neuropathy. The reflexology sessions have helped with many symptoms. After my bi-weekly session, I have noticed I sleep better, my neuropathy pain has diminished and my stress levels are down which helps lower my blood sugars. I will continue my sessions with Lynn as part of the lifestyle changes that I make for my illness.” –Virginia M.

“I am so impressed with the improvement to my health since starting. I have fibromyalgia. I was in constant pain and had no energy. Since seeing Lynn I am a new woman. I have decreased the amount of meds I take. I have a higher quality of life. Lynn is a Godsend!” –Debbie R.

“I noticed a significant decrease in monthly menstrual cramps when receiving weekly reflexology treatments.” –Tracy

“As a result of my reflexology sessions with Lynn, I have seen first hand both the immediate and long term benefits of continuous, regular care. I consider my weekly treatment, sacred! Not only do I look forward to the perfect calm and relaxation that a treatment guarantees, but I know that I am keeping my body in tune and healthy. When we find the inevitable tender spots for Lynn to work on, I am alerted to any areas of my body that might be needing some attention or pro-active care. My Personal Wellness Plan keeps me healthy, active, happy and strong. My continuous quest for a good diet, regular exercise, supplements and essential oils are fully supported by regular reflexology treatments. What a perfectly wonderful way to support and maintain good health. Lynn is a highly trained professional and a gifted healer. I strongly recommend a whole month of sessions to see for yourself how this healing technique can benefit your life!” –Saralynn T.

“I have breast cancer. Along with it comes pain, anxiety, and fatigue to name a few. The foot reflexology has helped manage all these symptoms. I look forward to my weekly sessions with Lynn.” –Sara D.

I first met Greg on March 13, 2012. He had been released from the hospital one month before, following a liver transplant. His wife, Dominique, found me in hopes that reflexology would be helpful in his recovery. When we met, Greg was still extremely weak; had no appetite; had lost so much weight it was painful for him to sit (the tenderness of having no body fat at all), his feet were like lifeless, colorless blobs in my hands. His appearance was almost frightening. I saw Greg 5 times over the next 2 weeks. Each session saw marked improvements. He was more relaxed and energized after the first session; appetite returning and further increasing energy after the second session. Life and color appeared to have returned to his feet (and his body) by the third. He drove himself to the fourth and fifth sessions! Truly amazing! At this point he was released to return home (another city). I felt blessed to have helped this very health-conscious and most kind man on his journey back to wellness.

One year later, I received this message:
Hello, Been receiving your regular emails and thinking of you. Wanted to report on Greg’s progress. He is now almost fully recovered with only 5 to 10 pounds more to gain. His liver tests are perfect and his appetite and energy are back. I wanted to thank you again as you made such a difference and jump started his recovery. Best to you. thanks. –Dominique & Greg