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Young woman with adombinal pain and stomach cramps

Let’s Discuss Gut Health

Most of us have heard “good health begins in the gut.” Hippocrates said it way back when, and doctors today still know it to be an important truth. In a recent weekly email from Footsteps In Eden Reflexology we shared a couple of articles on reflexology and digestion. Wondering just how much you know about […]

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Happy laughing toddler girl and her beautiful young mother making fresh strawberry and other fruit juice for breakfast together in a sunny white kitchen with a window

Smoothies to Beat the Heat

It’s super hot outside. Oh wait, I didn’t really need to say that, did I? Everyone knows it. One of my favorite meals during these hot, hot, hot summer days is a smoothie! I’m always looking for new recipes for them, too. Of course that doesn’t mean I actually make anything other than my own […]

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Self-Help for Wrist Pain

Recent weekly emails to our Footsteps In Eden Reflexology clients have featured self help videos for back pain and headache. Choosing self-help topics to share has been quite a challenge since there are so many varied challenges our clients face. One of them is wrist pain and/or carpal tunnel syndrome. Since the pain is generally […]

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