Finding Balance in the Ups and Downs of Life

Riding a bicycle on a country road concept for healthy lifestyle, exercising and road safetyWhen you’ve put in six plus decades of life, you’ve seen shifts in direction in many facets of life and culture. Some are better than others. My life having personally touched lives back to the 1880’s, I’ve heard first hand the stories of hardship and difficulties life held in previous generations. I’ve also seen the joy those folks shared in spite of what they endured. Many of you have as well. (Side note: I believe my grandmother born in 1882 – with her many challenges and a zeal for life – would have loved Footsteps In Eden Reflexology.)

That said, brings me to one trend I have seen emerge over the last 15-20 years. When we suffer any challenge at all, we are unhappy. Being unhappy has become one of the worst possible conditions in which to find oneself. Is it? We will be unhappy at times. Many things in life make us sad, and they should. When we look for joy in spite of our circumstances there is more ease in handling the difficulties we face. This goes for other emotions as well.

We were created to be emotional beings. Sometimes we want to scream life’s not fair. (It’s not.) We have feelings of anger, sorrow, fear, being troubled, being abandoned, feeling victimized and you can fill in the ______________. There are also times of joy, hope, calm, confidence, cheerfulness, even euphoria. The key to handling them all with grace is finding the balance. Like the little boy on the bicycle, to keep balanced he keeps moving ahead.

Taking steps to reduce stress is, of course, a great first step. For that I would recommend reflexology. For other ideas Martha Stewart’s WholeLiving website shares this article: How to Find Balance. I found it to hit the mark simply and well. I pray you will take the time to read it.

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