Exciting Opportunity: Mission in El Salvador

Lynn_Rocio_FabiolaI’m publishing this today so it can make tomorrow’s Footsteps In Eden Reflexology newsletter. To the readers of the newsletter and those finding this here on the blog, know that we will be updating within the week. There will be links on the blog as they become live. Next Monday’s email blast will have them as well. Thank you to all who help through your prayers and financial support. Both are so important.

The ministry of Compassion International is near and dear to my heart. It’s a privilege to give back by sponsoring children through this servant organization. Rocio and Fabiola (from El Salvador) are two I sponsor. It’s been a dream to one day meet them, and truly that has always seemed like “just a dream”.

The dream is about to become reality! God is sending this Gramma on her first ever mission trip. With great excitement I share my plans to travel to El Salvador (The Savior) in September. When the invite for this trip arrived, I knew this was an opportunity and an adventure that had been chosen for me. Our group will be helping to open a brand new Child Development Center in El Salvador, and I will be meeting Rocio and Fabiola along with their families!

God made clear His desire for me to be a part of this group. What He didn’t share is how He’ll provide the resources to make it possible, but He has me believing He will.

Here are some of the ways you’ll be able to help:

1. A sewer my whole life, I have stashes of buttons. I’ve often joked that some seemingly unattainable desire could be purchased with buttons. God’s sense of humor: I’m making some pretty fun jewelry with them. Yes, buttons to purchase a seemingly unattainable dream.

2. For a couple of years now, I’ve been baking bread from freshly milled grain. It is so yummy! The new student center is Casa de Pan or House of Bread, and I’ll be taking orders for bread to assist in getting there. (Limited to local customers and by special order only.)

3. I’m setting up a YouCaring page, as well. This is similar to GoFundMe. Donations will be made via Stripe. This service is easier than PayPal on mobile devices — so makes more sense.

4. Be watching my Etsy shop and Facebook page for other opportunities.

5. Prayers are very important. I pray you will be led to help financially, and for those who are praying people I also appreciate your prayers:
For the group that is going.
For the Pastors, Teachers, and Children at House of Bread.
For a beautiful day meeting with our sponsored children and their families.
For God to be glorified in it all.

Also, this group is working to find sponsors for all of the children in the new center. Is God encouraging you to sponsor a child? Just remember, that was my first step, and now I’m going to El Salvador.

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