Finding Balance: How Attached Are You to Your Stuff?

A stack of five white enameled mugs on painted wooden table kitchen utensils and decor rustic vintage kitchen background“Minimalism” is a great big theme currently receiving lots of attention. Uncluttered areas do seem to promote a more energetic space for work and play. I appreciate that. My Footsteps In Eden Reflexology clients know, however, that my space is far from minimalist. I look at those photos of the perfect minimalist space and think, “How lovely” and also, “Does anyone really live or work there?”

As trends come and go it seems that the scale tips way to one side and then the other before finding a balanced place somewhere in between. Is it really about how much we own or how much our happiness is tied to the things we own? Where’s the happy place between being a hoarder who lets go of nothing and the miser who lets go of the least amount of his dollars as possible? When do we posses things and when do they posses us?

The place of balance in all of the stuff is different for each of us. Trying to find more balance in this for myself and my readers, here’s an article from “Get Rich Slowly – Personal Finance that Makes Cents”. This is a financial info website. In this article they reach way beyond money and investments to offer some real practical points on this topic. Check out  Accumulation and Attachment:Finding Balance.

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