Tipping Point of Stress Away Essential Oil

Woman under stressStress! Are you at the “tipping point?” Many people first visit Footsteps in Eden Reflexology for help getting that load off their back. Reflexology has a great reputation for lowering stress. Connie Scheel shares how essential oils — Young Living’s Stress Away in particular — may also be helpful in recognizing and reducing your stress.

We believe Connie’s articles are a wonderful enhancement to our blog. You may contact Connie through her Facebook page: Catalysts to Connie’s Wellness. Essential oils are available on Connie’s Young Living website.


by Connie Scheel

Stress can be good for you. This may be surprising and perhaps a little disturbing to read. Yet, stress can be motivating and life saving. Physical stress like exercise actually strengthens connections of neurons in our brains. Scientists have a name for this good kind of stress — eustress.

Eustress can also help you enter a state of ‘flow,’ a heightened sense of awareness and complete absorption into an activity, according to research from psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Flow can be achieved in the workplace, in sports, or in a creative endeavor (such as playing a musical instrument), and Csikszentmihalyi argues that it’s driven largely by pressure to succeed.”
~~from health.com – 5 Weird Ways Stress can Actually be Good for You

Isn’t this fascinating? However, I suspect that you don’t experience stress in these good ways most of the time. I’m pointing out the positive side of stress here to offer a different perspective with the hope of bringing more awareness to our stress.

Many of us live in an overdrive state of stress without even really noticing. Consider your stress tipping point.

The distinction between good and bad stress is a tipping point—the moment at which anxiety transforms from a motivating factor into a force that overpowers our resilience. Scientists know that a severe, prolonged bout of anxiety puts the body’s stress response system into a tailspin. It can even change the way the brain expresses certain genes.”
~~Stress Can Be Really Good for You by Rebecca Ruiz

Young Living’s Stress Away essential oil blend may help you find this tipping point with it’s lightly tropical sweet scent of lime and vanilla. Raising your awareness of your stress, finding your stress tipping point and releasing stress can be helpful for your mental and physical health. Young Living’s essential oils are wonderful tools. When you are stressed your body is trying to communicate something to you, and Stress Away can help you relax and listen as well release pent up negative stress.
Young Living as a company really gets the importance of managing stress. Nearly every Starter Kit new Distributors may choose from includes a 5ml bottle of Stress Away. It’s wonderful to diffuse in your home and, also, to rub into your EO4Balance diffuser bracelet.

I hope that you explore your stress tipping point, and find peace using these amazing essential oils.

NOTE: This is for informational purposes only. No diagnosis, treatment, prescription for any health condition is intended or implied. Please consult your medical professional.

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