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little girl sleeps in the bedroom

Sleep Soundly at The Feather Ball

Even as a young child I had many invitations to The Ball. It was pretty awesome to think that perhaps I was Cinderella with an opportunity to dance the night away. Instead they were invitations from my Dad to attend The Feather Ball. It all became our silly little bedtime dittie. Those nights I was […]

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Valor, Lemon, Ylang Ylang - Young Living Essential Oils

The Essential Oils of Living, Laughing, and Loving

Connie Scheel always blesses us with wonderful insights into the world of Young Living Essential Oils. Join her as she shares with Footsteps In Eden Reflexology her thoughts on essential oils of Living, Laughing, and Loving, gems worth mining. Participate in her Valentine Contest Special featuring EO4 Balance bracelets. Follow Connie on her Facebook page. […]

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Cute little girl hugging golden retriever with love eyes closed,

Hugs for Your Heart

Warm Fuzzies or Cold Pricklies? We’re certain, like us, you would choose the warm fuzzies. What is it about hugs that make us feel so warm and fuzzy and loved? Or you may be one that uprights your shields when hugs are coming around. Especially to those of you in the second group, let us […]

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Heart Footprints

Laughter and Reflexology for Your Heart

Footsteps in Eden Reflexology’s previous post led you on a journey to discover more about the benefits of laughter: increased immunity, relaxation, focus redirected from the negative. When who followed that link you learned, also, about relaxation to the shoulders, the diaphragm and more just from laughing. Have you ever wondered what laughter and reflexology […]

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Like the Daffodil: Choosing Self-Respect

We learned something new about flowers today at Footsteps in Eden Reflexology. The daffodil is a symbol of dignity and self-respect. Of course, it pushes through some pretty adverse conditions to hold itself tall, stately, and graceful to the world. They bring a smile to our faces even in the bleak mid-winter gloom. The challenge […]

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Three Wise Men Bearing Gifts to Christ

Happy Gift Giving Season

What is enough and what is too much as we give gifts to family and friends? Google Christmas giving and you’ll find both extremes from going giftless to  the most extravagant gifts money can buy. Footsteps in Eden Reflexology has shared links in its recent weekly emails to websites featuring the topic of giving — […]

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Observing Christmas with Childlike Awe

Footsteps in Eden Reflexology was just 1 month old, and the cute little red haired girl in the story below is now almost nine. The familiar and worn tinsel decorations in our town have been replaced with shiny new ones. Seeing the season with the awe of a child is timeless. May you be inspired […]

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Holiday 2014 Gift Certificate Special

Footsteps in Eden makes your holiday shopping easy and a great value. One size fits most, and the gifted experience or reflexology is quite delightful. We’re offering this great deal. Add the incentive of shopping from a small local business. . . Wow! You’ve just discovered THE PERFECT GIFT for everyone on your list. We’ve […]

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Cinnamon Sticks, Star Anise And Dried Orange Cuts

Spicing Up the Holidays by Mixing Up Essential Oils

Orange, cinnamon, anise. The aromas of the season are wafting right off your screen and bringing a fresh perspective even now, right? Connie Scheel shares today with readers of our Footsteps in Eden Reflexology blog, some special essential oil (EO) blends for the holidays. She’s loving orange and includes it often. Follow Connie on Facebook: […]

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Reflexology Your Headache Pain Away

Many headaches are reported having left during a reflexology session at Footsteps in Eden. Regular reflexology sessions may work wonders at keeping headaches away or at least lessening their frequency, intensity, or duration. What do you do when your reflexology appointment is tomorrow or next week, and you need relief now? Headaches, of course, have […]

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