Hugs for Your Heart

<imgsrc="cute-girl-hugging-dog.jpg?"alt="Cute Girl Hugging Dog"/>Warm Fuzzies or Cold Pricklies? We’re certain, like us, you would choose the warm fuzzies. What is it about hugs that make us feel so warm and fuzzy and loved? Or you may be one that uprights your shields when hugs are coming around. Especially to those of you in the second group, let us encourage you to read and digest what you’ll discover here. Know all of us may find some of the best suggestions around for loving your heart.

It was our very real desire to share all about the benefits of hugs for our health in this Footsteps In Eden Reflexology blogpost today. Instead look at this incredible article found at Smart Heart Living: Hugs and Heart Health – The side effects of this medicine are all good! There was no way we could outdo or even compete with the writer.

Here’s one quote from this blog post that offers snuggly thoughts to ponder.

Although my research has confirmed that there’s a positive link between hugs and heart health, I came up with my own theory about why we like being hugged years and years ago when I was pregnant. It occurred to me that a hug simulates the periodic squeezing we all feel as babies in the womb – the ultimate place of security. A hug takes us back to the very start of our lives when we knew no fear, no hardship, and no threats.

That just creates a sense of being totally stress free. It brings to mind the stress reducing benefits of reflexology, too. “Hugs” to your feet may be your one more special way to experience “hugs” for your whole body. So hug your loved ones, hug your friends, hug your pets, and let us “hug” your feet. The research included in the above article leads us to believe you may choose those hugs as a very big asset to your health and wellness plan.

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