Reflexology Your Headache Pain Away

MH900426560Many headaches are reported having left during a reflexology session at Footsteps in Eden. Regular reflexology sessions may work wonders at keeping headaches away or at least lessening their frequency, intensity, or duration. What do you do when your reflexology appointment is tomorrow or next week, and you need relief now?

Headaches, of course, have many causes. For those that are stress or sinus related we’ve rounded up a few links to some reflexology self care that just might chase those pains away.
Foot Reflexology for Headaches (from Livestrong)
Hand Reflexology: A Headache-Break Hand Massage! (from Hand Research)
Reflexology for Headaches (from Natural Therapy Pages)

We counting on this being some great “first-aid”, and then keep your regularly scheduled reflexology appointment for helping to maintain your health and wellness goals. Haven’t made an appointment? Schedule today. We’re here for you!

Note: For informational purposes only. Reflexologists do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe for any health challenge. Please consult your health care professional.

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