Spicing Up the Holidays by Mixing Up Essential Oils

Cinnamon Sticks, Star Anise And Dried Orange CutsOrange, cinnamon, anise. The aromas of the season are wafting right off your screen and bringing a fresh perspective even now, right? Connie Scheel shares today with readers of our Footsteps in Eden Reflexology blog, some special essential oil (EO) blends for the holidays. She’s loving orange and includes it often. Follow Connie on Facebook: Catalysts to Connie’s Wellness. Purchase diffuser bracelets at her Etsy Shop: EO4Balance. Discover the world of Young Living Essential Oils (and purchase them, too) on Connie’s Young Living World website.

by Connie Scheel

As the temperatures dips down and the calendar speeds up to the winter holidays I find myself turning to different Young Living essential oils for comfort and stress relief. I’m thinking- and smelling- outside of the box quite a bit this year and experimenting with different EO combos in my room diffuser and on my EO4Balance diffuser jewelry.homediffuser

Young Living’s October special included free 5ml bottles of Cinnamon Bark, Orange and Nutmeg. I hope you took advantage of this marvelous offer in your October order. The November freebies are 5ml bottles of Ginger and Christmas Spirit. Many of these EOs are wonderful just by themselves in your diffuser or on your diffuser jewelry. diffuser jewelryAnother popular holiday blend from Young Living is Evergreen Essence. Of course Frankincense and Myrrh are traditional aromas and are divine in your room diffuser or on your diffuser jewelry. This year I’m spicing it up by mixing it up a bit, though.

I’m turning to my Orange EO bottle this month quite a bit. The past few weeks have been extra full and productive with little down time and lots of driving. Orange EO is such a pleasant and relaxing aroma to me.

Here are a few diffuser blend ideas with some of my favorite EOs, including Orange to liven up your holiday season.

I adore the spicy warm fragrance of Thieves blend, and to bring in a holiday vibe I add Orange EO.
Room Diffuser Blend:
8 drops of Thieves
4 drops of Orange EO

EO4Balance Diffuser Jewelry Blend:
1 drop of Thieves
2 drops of Orange EO
This blend helps to eliminate airborne bacteria, boost your immunity and bring calmness.

Orange EO makes a lovely pairing with Cedarwood EO too.
Room Diffuser Blend:
5 drops Orange EO
5 drops of Cedarwood EO

EO4Balance Diffuser Jewelry Blend:
1 drop of Orange EO
1 drop of Cedarwood EO
I find it very relaxing and calming blend. Lovely to help you unwind after stressful shopping days.

I’ve recently discovered the wonderfulness of Vetiver EO. It’s warm and spicy, and is reminiscent of Patchouli with a lovely Lemon twist. Vetiver is grounding and may be helpful in coping with stress and emotional trauma. It’s heavy and very thick so a little goes a long way. It also blends terrifically with Orange EO.
Room Diffuser Blend:
2 drops Vetiver EO
6 drops Orange EO

EO4Balance Diffuser Jewelry Blend:
1 drop Vetiver EO
2 drops Orange EO

It’s a pleasure to announce that EO4Balance has recently added Amazonite and Rose Quartz necklaces with several coordinating bracelet choices. Through November 30 you can save 20% on orders of $12.50 or more to help with your holiday gift giving. The gift of a unique diffuser bracelet with a bottle of Young Living essential oil will surely be treasured.

Note: Essential Oils and several different and equally wonderful diffusers are available on Connie’s Young Living World website.

NOTE: This is for informational purposes only. No diagnosis, treatment, prescription for any health condition is intended or implied. Please consult your medical professional.

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