Let’s Discuss Gut Health

Young woman with adombinal pain and stomach crampsMost of us have heard “good health begins in the gut.” Hippocrates said it way back when, and doctors today still know it to be an important truth. In a recent weekly email from Footsteps In Eden Reflexology we shared a couple of articles on reflexology and digestion. Wondering just how much you know about digestion, we shared one of those online quizzes: Follow Your Gut. We also included Wendy Coad, “The Reflexology Professor’s”, thoughts: Reflexology and the Digestive System. In case you missed those, these links offer another opportunity. From the allopathic point of view, here’s yet another article from “The Liver Doctor”: Good Health Begins in the Gut.

We always find our readers eager to watch videos on the topics we share. We’ve found one that can help you help yourself with hand reflexology for digestion challenges, and here it is! Hand Reflexology: Digestive Issues

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