What We Eat May Affect Our Health: Checking in on the “Dirty Dozen”

 Let’s put a little more focus on the gut today. One of the ways to help support a healthy immune system is by the food we put into our bodies. There have been many articles on the effects of processed foods on health, but what about fresh fruits and vegetables? What is it important for us to know?

Footsteps In Eden Reflexology may have shared this list before, but we know the list is updated continuously. And the “Dirty Dozen” has grown. From “Eating Well” discover: The Dirty Dozen Plus: 14 Foods You Should Buy Organic. You’ll find additional helpful articles on this website.

And for those of you who love the video versions, Environmental Working Group has interviewed Dr. Andrew Weil on the topic of the “Dirty Dozen”. You’ll find his thoughts and the list at: Dirty Dozen + Clean 15 – Environmental Working Group 2014 Shopper’s Guide Dr. Weil makes some simple suggestions, as well, for those who find eating organic beyond their budget. Great tips!

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