Smoothies to Beat the Heat

Happy laughing toddler girl and her beautiful young mother making fresh strawberry and other fruit juice for breakfast together in a sunny white kitchen with a window

It’s super hot outside. Oh wait, I didn’t really need to say that, did I? Everyone knows it. One of my favorite meals during these hot, hot, hot summer days is a smoothie! I’m always looking for new recipes for them, too. Of course that doesn’t mean I actually make anything other than my own tried and true smoothie special – whatever fruits and/or veggies I have on hand one that is. Enjoying sharing with our Footsteps In Eden Reflexolgy readers today, a few Quick and Healthy Smoothie Recipes. This site even offers you a FREE downloadable smoothie recipe book. Can’t beat that, and maybe the smoothies will help you beat the heat. 🙂

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