Essential Oil Bracelets – Simply Beautiful Essential Oil Diffusers

We are delighted this week for Connie to share her own creativity along with another fun and beneficial way to use essential oils. This article and Connie’s new Etsy shop, EO4Balance, are truly a labor of love. As always, you may follow Connie on her Facebook page: Catalysts to Connie’s Wellness, or learn more about essential oils on her Young Living website. I’ll say no more and turn this over to Connie Scheel.

by Connie Scheel
I dedicated this article in gratitude to my 7 year old niece, Zoey. She inspired me to create a piece of jewelry that offers a stylish and easy way to use essential oils (EO) through your day. It also offers an affordable, unique and fun way to try essential oils. And in God’s amazing and graceful way three of my Loves have been joined and will, hopefully, enrich the lives of others.

ZoeyandMaryHere’s Zoey and her sister Mary with their essential oil bracelets.

Shortly after school started last Fall, Zoey needed an easy way to take essential oils with her to school for allergies and to help to her focus on tests. (The Scents of Learning from July 2013 may have some ideas for your children, or you.) I challenged myself to find an affordable, simple and cute resolution for her. I researched and prayerfully pondered. Then the idea of an essential oil bracelet sparked. I have a bit of beading experience and always enjoyed it. Rosewood beads, I discovered, are often used in Rosaries and other styles of Prayer beads. They have a sweet woody aroma and lovely grain with gentle swirls that remind me of fingerprints. Each bead is unique like humans, each with our own Sacredness. It’s said that rosewood creates peace and security. So, it felt right to use them with Young Living’s precious essential oils.

Rosewood Essential Oil bracelets are traveling personal EO diffusers. They work beautifully, because the nature of the rosewood allows the EO to diffuse slowly so you can reap the benefits all day. With style EO  bracelets diffuse EO into the air around you while being absorbed into your body through your wrist throughout the day. That means it’s important that the rosewood beads touch your wrist. Your body is inhaling the scent and energy of EOs while you’re wearing the bracelet. Imagine the layers of benefits to you! Great potential for allergy relief, energy boost, stress relief, increased focus, peace, reaching a healthy weight, bug repellant, and sleep support to name just a few.

In these EO diffuser bracelets 3 of my Loves are joined~ my Love of essential oils, Love of being creative, and Love of supporting others along their path of Wellness and Peace. And it all stemmed from the Love I have for my nieces, which makes them extra sweet.

eobraceletMany times I’ve wished I could just try a small sample of an EO, have you? A small sample of Peppermint EO from Lynn of Footsteps in Eden changed my life 3 years ago, and brought me relief from the pains of chemotherapy treatments. How might EOs improve your life or the life someone you love? These traveling personal diffusers are a wonderful and affordable way to start using EOs or as a gift to introduce EOs to a loved one.

Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets are simple to use and the stretchy band makes them easy to wear. Apply EOs to your bracelet by cupping it in your palm carefully sprinkle 2- 4 drops of EO onto it, then gently rub your palms together and place on your wrist. Since you’ve got EO in your palms, take advantage of it by cupping your hands over your nose and mouth and taking a few deep slow breaths. My youngest niece, Kallie, demonstrates below.



I’m delighted to offer you an affordable, fun, and easy way to introduce yourself to the wonders of EOs, and invite you to my brand new Etsy shop.
I invite you to EO4Balance.

I’m passionate about making Young Living’s EOs easy to use in your daily life. Each Essential Oil bracelet comes with a sample of Young Living EO. Once you discover the benefits of these gifts of nature and the Creator, I believe the investment in the oils will be well worth it to you and your family. As always full bottles of Young Living’s EOs may be ordered at my Young Living website.

A limited selection of EO samples will be available with your EO bracelet. Here is a chart of several EOs and their potential benefits. All would be wonderful options with your bracelet. (Not all EOs on chart will be available as samples with your bracelet.)

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