Awakening Refreshed

Divine Homework for Better Sleep

Connie Scheel has taken the month’s topic on sleep and added some essential oils, of course. Her journey with the oils for her own “Divine Homework on Sleep” offers you, our Footsteps In Eden Reflexology readers, some excellent ideas for coping with your own falling asleep challenges. Connect with Connie on her Young Living website, […]

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Dream Time

Chasing the Meanings of Your Dreams

Sleep makes us think of dreams. At Footsteps In Eden Reflexology we wondered where to take you on a dream journey? There’s much territory we could visit. First stop: a recurring dream of my childhood. Every night was certainly not a date to “The Feather Ball” of a previous post. He always wore a long […]

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little girl sleeps in the bedroom

Sleep Soundly at The Feather Ball

Even as a young child I had many invitations to The Ball. It was pretty awesome to think that perhaps I was Cinderella with an opportunity to dance the night away. Instead they were invitations from my Dad to attend The Feather Ball. It all became our silly little bedtime dittie. Those nights I was […]

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Valor, Lemon, Ylang Ylang - Young Living Essential Oils

The Essential Oils of Living, Laughing, and Loving

Connie Scheel always blesses us with wonderful insights into the world of Young Living Essential Oils. Join her as she shares with Footsteps In Eden Reflexology her thoughts on essential oils of Living, Laughing, and Loving, gems worth mining. Participate in her Valentine Contest Special featuring EO4 Balance bracelets. Follow Connie on her Facebook page. […]

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Cute little girl hugging golden retriever with love eyes closed,

Hugs for Your Heart

Warm Fuzzies or Cold Pricklies? We’re certain, like us, you would choose the warm fuzzies. What is it about hugs that make us feel so warm and fuzzy and loved? Or you may be one that uprights your shields when hugs are coming around. Especially to those of you in the second group, let us […]

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Heart Footprints

Laughter and Reflexology for Your Heart

Footsteps in Eden Reflexology’s previous post led you on a journey to discover more about the benefits of laughter: increased immunity, relaxation, focus redirected from the negative. When who followed that link you learned, also, about relaxation to the shoulders, the diaphragm and more just from laughing. Have you ever wondered what laughter and reflexology […]

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laughter for stress relief and increased health

Laugh Your Way to New Possibilities

Live, Laugh, Love. You hear it so often it’s become so rote, but there’s power in this three word alliteration. Journey with us during this month of Love and of Heart Health as Footsteps in Eden mixes in a dose of laughter with it’s strong ties to life and love. After all, “laughter is the […]

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Like the Daffodil: Choosing Self-Respect

We learned something new about flowers today at Footsteps in Eden Reflexology. The daffodil is a symbol of dignity and self-respect. Of course, it pushes through some pretty adverse conditions to hold itself tall, stately, and graceful to the world. They bring a smile to our faces even in the bleak mid-winter gloom. The challenge […]

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Frankincense in a mortar with pestle over papyrus background.

Self-Care as an Expression of Self-Respect

We asked Connie to tie essential oils to the idea of self-respect vs self-esteem. We’re so excited to share her thoughts, and even a recipe guaranteed to be a gracious gift to yourself. To learn more about Connie and her wellness journey visit her Facebook page: Catalysts to Connie’s Wellness. Young Living Essential Oils may […]

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