A Challenge to You: Will You Sponsor One of these Children?


Yessica will be 5 yrs old Sept 7


Anderson will be 5 yrs old Sept 22

The airline tickets were purchased and payments made this past week for my trip to El Salvador in September. I believe that brings me a few dozen steps closer to the reality of meeting my own sponsored children and sharing in the lives of dozens more. I have no idea what all God has planned, but I’m looking forward to every surprise! Again, a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to this reality in whatever way large or small. (Yes, there will be more bread in the weeks to come. Stay tuned.) Along with that I offer a challenge to you.

These two precious children are among 128 who are enrolled at Compassion International’s minisitry partner, Casa de Pan Student Center. Our group of women will be helping to launch this new project. One of the roles we have accepted is to advocate for all of these children. That means we are looking for sponsors for all of them. What does it mean to sponsor a child through Compassion International? (You can learn much by navigating their website. So, that’s a great place to begin.)

Compassion serves the poorest of the poor around the globe. The children in Compassion projects come from families in the lowest 2% (income wise) of the world’s population. Sponsoring one of these children is your opportunity to partner with Compassion on Christ-Centered, Church-Based, and Child-Focused hope to a specific child through prayer, letters of encouragement, monthly support ($38/month), and perhaps visiting them one day. I never thought that would happen for me, and it is!!!

When considering a sponsorship opportunity it’s important to know that the organization holds itself to high standards of integrity and fiscal responsibility, really doing what they say they are with your dollars. I would absolutely love for you to sponsor one of these children. I also believe it is incredibly important for you to be able to see Compassion’s accountability. Compassion International receives high marks on all counts. You can check them out at Charity Navigator where they receive the highest rating (4 stars and a 96%+ overall rating).

You’ve chosen to accept the challenge to sponsor a child… Awesome! Give me a call, and I’ll be sure you get connceted to one of these (or one of a few others that are still awaiting sponsors). You’ll be blessed as much as you will be a blessing. My phone number is in the contact info section of the website.

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