Flying Colors

art abstract trees colorful background in vibrant yellow, green,Connie Scheel continues Footsteps In Eden’s colors journey this weekend as she travels from Arizona to Tennessee. She’s enjoying a long and beautiful fall drive from the mountains to the Mighty Mississippi, each region with its own varied display. Travel along as she shares the magnificence of Autumn seen from the road and ties the colors to our beloved Young Living essential oils. Follow Connie on her Facebook page: Catalysts to Connie’s Wellness. To purchase Young Living products visit: Connie’s Young Living World website.


by: Connie Scheel
Greetings from Albuquerque, New Mexico! In an earlier article this month Lynn asked us to ponder if we’re storing wisdom and life experience, and allowing our rough edges to be softened by the harsh elements we encounter — attracting others to the colorful story we are becoming? My answer is hearty YES! I’ll celebrate 5 full years of Remission from Ovarian Cancer on November 11. Though having 2 cancers back to back was certainly ‘harsh elements’ I have embraced the colors of the learning experiences from it and have been blossoming into someone I truly love and respect. I’d say that I made it through with flying colors.


I’m in the middle of a road trip to Tennessee from Arizona, and enjoying the different colors. The Cottonwood trees showed off their bright yellows, and the Sumac speckled the landscape with bright reds. I find Arizona tremendously beautiful, and I appreciated it even more thanks to this blog’s color theme this month.

Have you ever wondered if the label color of Young Living’s (YL) bottles say something about the essential oil (EO) inside? Seeing the sharp pretty yellows on the cottonwood led me to realize that Lemon EO’s label is yellow. Of course, lemons are yellow themselves so it makes sense in a literal way. Digging a little deeper, though, the yellow in the trees feel invigorating much like lemon EO in my water or on my diffuser bracelet.

20141025_093810This got me wondering about other EOs. The first that came to mind is the bright pink label of Joy. The color of Pink is often associated with love and hearts. And Joy EO is uplifting to our hearts and “exudes an alluring and irresistible fragrance that inspires romance and togetherness”. (Quote from An interesting color connection.

The red of the Sumacs brought to mind one of my favorite EOs- Abundance. It’s label is an orange-y red and it’s scent is a bit spicy and warm which fits Autumn quite well. says that Abundance opens us up to a wealth of possibilities. The fiery colors of Autumn open my heart up a bit bigger. How about you?

20141026_103042I expect to see some pretty oranges on my drive through Oklahoma and Arkansas tomorrow. The color of orange leads my thoughts to one of my favorite EOs- Cedarwood. It’s label is a yellowy orange which happens to also be my favorite colors to see in the trees of Fall. Coincidence? I think not. According to, Cedarwood EO may be used for balancing, relaxing and mental focus. Enjoying the colors of Autumn, also, offers those things.

Though not every YL label color can be associated with a season or life experience, it’s interesting to notice and ponder about colors this way.

A few of Connie’s photos from along the way – top to bottom:
Salt River Canyon
Yellow in Albuquerque
Ft. Smith

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