Ginger Lemongrass Tea

 Footsteps In Eden loves sharing great recipes. You may remember the Lavender and Ginger Lavender Tea recipes on our blog last fall. Those were from the kitchen of my friend, Ginny Drews, culinary queen extraordinaire! She’s just shared another refreshing drink recipe and assures me, “This tea is so yummy!”

Ginger Lemongrass Tea
from the Kitchen of Ginny Drews
6 cups of Spring Water
3-4 bulbs of fresh lemongrass (these are often available at Whole Foods)
1 inch Fresh Ginger (or amount to your taste — you may wish to start with 1/2″)
Local Honey

Wash lemongrass and ginger cut ginger into quarter size pieces. With a butcher knife mash the lemongrass bulb to release the essential oils. Cut the lemongrass in 1/2 with the stems on. Bring all this to a boil. Turn down and simmer for 20 minutes. Take out lemongrass and ginger pieces and add honey to taste. Enjoy!

I can’t wait to try this. Sure hope Whole Foods or Sprouts has the lemongrass available. I will be checking this week, and looking forward to trying this one.

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