Your Children Are Back in School Again — Now Take Time for You

imageIt’s been a busy time, Lots of focus has been on the children the last few weeks — getting them ready for and back in school. You may be saying, “What about me?” As parents we tend to give a whole lot of attention to our children, often neglecting our own needs. To maintain our energy levels and our health and wellness goals (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) it is important to take some time to create a plan for that.

You may already do something special for yourself once a week or once a month, or perhaps little things everyday. I’m delighted that you do. For some of you this may be a bigger challenge than it is for others. This post will feature a variety of ways you can slip away for some alone time or friend time — time that allows you to relax and enjoy!

Lunch with a Friend is time well spent for most of us. Did you know that Memphis has many restaurants that have pledged to use only the most sustainable practices in their businesses, and many of them offer meals prepared from locally grown produce and meats. Check out Project Green Fork to learn more about this effort and to find out which restaurants are participating.

Take in exhibits at local art galleries. You could find yourself lost in contemplation of the artists’ thoughts while creating, fascinated by creativity, or even wondering how in the world “that was done.” In Memphis, besides the Brooks Museum of Art in Overton Park, there are many smaller local galleries. One that I would like to check out is Belz Museum of Asian and Judaic Art at Peabody Place.

A friend and I enjoy an occasional afternoon or evening painting our own masterpieces. What’s best: anyone can do it! Our favorite place to do this is Go Paint Parties, which meets at Buckley’s Lunchbox on Yates in Memphis.

Does your place of worship offer group Bible Studies? Many across the area will have new ones beginning in the next few weeks. These may be a great boost to your spiritual health. Look around at websites of places of worship in your area to find one that is a great fit for you.

Of course, a reflexologist blogging on this topic certainly must include reflexology as an awesome option. You’ll find rest, relaxation, and encouragement of your whole body, mind and spirit toward tranquility and greater health and wellness. Just browse around this website to learn more about reflexology at Footsteps In Eden in the Memphis area. If you are in another city there are two websites that may be helpful in locating a qualified reflexologist for you: Reflexology Association of America and the American Reflexology Certification Board.

Even precious little moments of escape can be so beneficial. We’ve listed a few links below that will take you to items you might find useful for “at home” mini-retreats. (Just FYI, these are Amazon affilitate links.)

You may find some beautiful ideas for at-home relaxation and refreshment in this book. The Herbal Home Spa: Naturally Refreshing Wraps, Rubs, Lotions, Masks, Oils and Scrubs (Herbal Body) For any ideas you find here requiring essential oils, know you’ll find some of the best available by checking out Heaven Scent Essentials.

A favorite music selection at Footsteps In Eden Reflexology is Denis Roger’s “Spa” (soothing piano pieces). You’ll find it available for your own music library.

Reflexology paths are popular all over Asia. There they are considered essential to wellness. They are beginning to be seen in more cities in America but, sadly, not in Memphis. While not nearly as fancy, here’s a simple and portable Reflexology Mat you can use anywhere.

Here’s to some rest, relaxation, rejeuvenation time…. Just for You!


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