Footsteps In Eden Wants Your Opinion

imageEveryone has an opinion, and we are interested in yours — well on a few key points anyway.

Our weekly email allows us to share lots of great health info, ideas for daily life, our reflexology openings for the week, an essential oil corner, and lots more. We know many of you are reading these, and that gets us excited. As we plan for the months ahead, we would love your input.

We are encouraging all of our clients to complete our 5 question survey. If we have your email in our database, it’s in the email for August 19,2013. (If you would like to be on our email list, please sign up at the bottom of this page or on our home page.) The survey will help us help you in a couple of ways: We really do value your ideas for future blog posts. Also, most weeks our schedule does change some, and we would really like to let you know when last minute appointments do come available during the week. They may be a perfect opportunity for you.

Please help us out by completing the quick survey. Let us know the best ways to stay connected with you with the most valuable and up to the minute information. Thank you for taking your valuable time to help.

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