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Flying Colors

Connie Scheel continues Footsteps In Eden’s colors journey this weekend as she travels from Arizona to Tennessee. She’s enjoying a long and beautiful fall drive from the mountains to the Mighty Mississippi, each region with its own varied display. Travel along as she shares the magnificence of Autumn seen from the road and ties the […]

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Driving Through the Colors

Choice of colors was important when creating the Footsteps in Eden website and logo. Many years ago when I was actively involved in a banner ministry at church we paid close attention to colors, too. Significant meanings are attached to color and may have some real impact for our body, mind and spirit. You may […]

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Benefits of Herbal Teas

It’s pretty well known that chamomile tea in the evening may provide a gentle prelude to a good night’s sleep. I was recently reminded by a Footsteps in Eden client, how a cup of hot tea was the perfect touch to a day which included reflexology and a lavender with Epsom salts bath, all of […]

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Preserving Your Herb Harvest

Reflectively viewing my own herb garden became the inspiration for Footsteps in Eden Reflexology’s focus over the next few weeks. Did you plant an herb garden this summer? Do you have a perennial herb garden from which to harvest aromatic treasures year after year? How do you preserve your herb harvest? With a quick search […]

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Tipping Point of Stress Away Essential Oil

Stress! Are you at the “tipping point?” Many people first visit Footsteps in Eden Reflexology for help getting that load off their back. Reflexology has a great reputation for lowering stress. Connie Scheel shares how essential oils — Young Living’s Stress Away in particular — may also be helpful in recognizing and reducing your stress. […]

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Spend Moments in Nature – Lift Your Mood

To sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment.” –Jane Austen Continuing our mission of bringing you ideas for those little moments that offer opportunity for relaxation and renewal, this week Footsteps in Eden Reflexology invites you to step out in nature and breathe in her […]

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Reflexology for Sciatic Nerve Pain – Part 1

Sciatica is the “Nerve of Reflexology” according to highly respected reflexologists, Dorthe Krogsgaard and Peter Lund Frandsen of Touchpoint. This couple offers reflexology services and education in their homeland of Denmark and travel worldwide to teach their unique style of reflexology. In Denmark everyone knows what reflexology is, and one-fourth of the population has experienced […]

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Hope in Peace & Calming (Essential Oil)

Today Connie adds essential oils (EOs) to our recent discussion of reflexology for help with PTSD and anxiety. There are many EOs that fit well in this category. Connie has gathered information on several of them for you. She includes a testimonial from an M.D. who has recently discovered the benefits of EOs for her […]

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