Reflexology (with Essential Oils) for Sciatic Nerve Pain – Part 3

sciaticEPReflexology and the two Young Living essential oils (EO), Valor and PanAway pictured here were the answer to Connie’s sciatic nerve pain challenges. Today we conclude our 3-Part series on Sciatic Nerve Pain as Connie Scheel shares her personal testimony. For those of you suffering from this pain, she offers you the opportunity to obtain these EOs and try them for yourself. Also visit Connie on her Facebook page, Catalysts to Connie’s Wellness.

by Connie Scheel

One of the long term side effects of the radiation treatment I had for ovarian cancer is sciatica. Unfortunately, I didn’t know about it until after my first- and quite miserable- sciatic event.

If you’ve ever suffered from sciatica I think probably many of you agree that it is, indeed, an event. I didn’t understand what was wrong and had no idea how to usher in relief and healing. Thankfully, I already had Young Living EOs in my life and an amazing reflexologist friend in Lynn Watson.

I’ve had 3 sciatic events in my life. The first was by far the worst. I attribute the severity of the first event to 7 weeks of radiation treatment and not knowing how to use EOs for it and not getting myself to my reflexologist. I was mostly immobile and confined to bed or the couch for 10 weeks. I suffered numbness, tingling, stiffness, couldn’t find a comfortable position to sit or lay ,and it felt devastating. Can you relate? I now know that staying immobile is not the best thing to do.

The second sciatic event was brought on by running. The end of my first 5K nearly 3 years ago was downhill. I was, like most runners, and excited about a downhill finish. I ran full out to the finish line. I wish I could say that it was a pretty finish, but I collapsed on the grass and felt horrible. That familiar sciatic pain was setting in. Running downhill, come to find out, is not good for sciatica. This event lasted only about 2 weeks and was much less severe because I started using EOs immediately, did the appropriate stretches, and got in for reflexology early.

The last sciatic event lasted just 3 days, because I caught it very early. I’ve learned to tune into my body and honor what it’s asking for as quickly and efficiently as possible. I felt just a slight sciatic twinge,  immediately went to my EOs, and did self- reflexology that Lynn graciously taught me.

The first two events I used only Young Living’s Valor. Since then it’s been one of my favorite EOs, and is the one most likely to be on my EO4Balance diffuser bracelet. Valor is a blend of spruce, rosewood, blue tansy and frankincense in a base of coconut oil. It’s been nicknamed by many Oilers as ‘chiropractor in a bottle’ because of it’s alignment properties. I would rub 2- 3 drops of Valor directly on the pain center on my lower back and also on the sciatic reflexology point (around the heel and ankle). I made this a regimen  2- 6 times a day. As the symptoms improved I decreased the frequency. I still did it 2- 3 times a day even after I felt all better. I wanted to be sure to give my body full opportunity to heal.

For the third, and hopefully final, sciatic event I added PanAway EO blend into my regimen. PanAway is an anti-inflammatory and pain relieving EO blend of wintergreen, helichrysum, clove and peppermint. It’s the EO equivalent of pulling out the ‘big guns’ for pain without any of the unpleasant side effects of narcotics or other heavy duty pain relievers.

PanAway® was created by Gary Young following a severe injury to the ligaments in his leg. Containing wintergreen essential oil, which is often used for massage, PanAway is soothing to the skin while providing comforting warmth to muscles after exercise.” ~~from

Thankfully, I had Valor on hand when this event started! Instead of rubbing Valor on the pain center on my lower back, I used PanAway on that spot and Valor on the sciatic reflexology point on my foot. It made a tremendous positive difference. Almost immediately the combo of PanAway and Valor brought relief and muscle relaxation. Paired with regular stretching and reflexology, I have found this to be a marvelous and effective regimen.

Both of these EOs come in Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit. In fact, you get a total of 11 5ml bottles of Essential Oils plus a diffuser and several sample sizes of oils and the anti-oxidant drink NingXia Red. This kit is the best value and gives you the chance to experiment with several EOs. Message me from my Facebook page or email me for a brochure feature the uses of all EOs in the kit:
Peace & Calming
and a bonus bottle of Stress Away (with a roll on top for easy use)

I have such empathy and compassion for everyone who suffers from this demobilizing pain and numbness. There is hope for relief thanks to Young Living’s essential oils and reflexology.

I gratefully welcome your order at my Young Living website

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