Get Outdoors — Enjoy Nature — Create Memories

ImageIt’s April, the month we celebrate Earth Day. That brings to my mind being kind to the earth, but it also creates images of enjoying the earth by being outdoors and enjoying nature and other activities. I found delight in snapping photos of Memphis in Spring Time right in my own yard yesterday. They look the same every year, but they never grow old. What do you, our wonderful Footsteps In Eden Friends, love about the outdoors?

You might enjoy being alone outdoors working in your garden or swinging on the porch swing. Or you may be pondering activities with friends or family to make memories that will last a lifetime. A daily walk around the neighborhood or in the park might be your outdoor thing. Your vision may be something more like a trip on a riverboat or finding yourself poolside for a lazy afternoon.

We did a little digging (pun intended) and have turned up a few websites you may find quite helpful in creating fun-filled outdoor plans for your family.

Did you know that Bartlett, TN offers family-friendly movies in the park several times each summer? Learn more in this article from the Bartlett Express.

Are you aware of these two great blogs/websites in Memphis? They are always full of great ideas including outdoor ones, of course, in our community.
Choose 901
I Love Memphis Blog

Enjoy time outdoors…. and if you think the bugs might get you, see Connie’s post about the DIY bug sprays.

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