Connectedness of Flowers

We’ve focused on flowers for the month of May. Connie has certainly been inspired by them in her article this month. Many essential oils would simply not exist if it were not for flowering plants. Discover more as you read the inspiring words she shares with you, our Footsteps In Eden readers. Follow Connie on Facebook. Find Connie’s diffuser bracelets in her Etsy shop.

by: Connie Scheel

Spring has been spectacularly beautiful in central Arizona this year. We’ve had record amounts of rain, and it’s paying off in bright desert colors. It’s a special treat to see so many cacti blooming. Yes, cacti can produce flowers!

My mom came for a visit over Mother’s Day for a lovely Arizona adventure. We drove to Tucson and toured and prayed at the San Xavier Mission…



found an amazing new bead store (new crystals and designs with these beauties coming to EO4Balance soon!)…

and explored BioSphere2. Along the way we saw gorgeous mountains, desert landscapes and blooming cacti. This is me with the beautiful orange blooms on an ocotillo, my favorite desert plant. (Learn more about ocotillo and their connection to hummingbirds here. You’ll be fascinated, I promise.)
2015-05-16 19.53.37

Have you ever wondered what makes flowers so special? We give them as gifts for special occasions like Mother’s Day, birthdays and graduations. We use them to sweeten the celebration of weddings and honor our loved ones at funerals. Their beauty is an obvious reason, Divine living art of God.

They can be the beginning of a fruit which is really cool when you think of it. In fact, while at the BioSphere 2 we saw baby bananas and the flower that grows, upside down!, right by where the bananas grow. We couldn’t get a picture, unfortunately, but it was incredibly fascinating to see baby bananas and their flowers!

For any flower to bloom, especially cacti, everything has to fall into place perfectly. For a plant to bloom it needs water, sunlight, just right temperature during the day and at night, healthy roots, and the right soil with fertilizer (aka food). When you pause to think about it, flowers are a miracle. Think of all the details that need to be ‘just so’ to produce flowers especially in the desert!

To me, it’s a lot like life… we all need the same things to bloom in our lives…. (Divine) Light, water, comfortable temperatures, healthy roots and food. Thankfully, we have Young Living essential oils to boost our wellness so we bloom more often.

I like to think that Frankincense brings Divine Light to our lives… A drop or Lemon or Citrus Fresh makes water taste wonderful… Peppermint helps to cool us down while Clove may warm us… and whole foods can be enhanced with essential oils like Rosemary, Oregano, Basil, Black Pepper, and Lavender. It’s a beautiful miraculous circle of connectedness.

Without blooming plants, we wouldn’t have many of our essential oils- or anything else! Young Living holds plants and their essential oils in highest regard. Our Seed to Seal Quality Commitment isn’t just a slogan- it’s a calling.

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