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DIY - Natural Bug Repellent Spray

Essential Oils: Good for Your Body — Bad for Bugs

It’s becoming more and more popular to seek out simple DIY solutions to everyday challenges. Today Connie Scheel shares with our Footsteps In Eden friends, her personal experiences with Young Living essential oils for repelling bugs. Connect with Connie: Facebook; Etsy shop; Young Living Website. The versatility of essential oils amazes me, especially during Spring. […]

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Bug Bite Burn Free Summer with Essential Oils

Guest post from Connie Scheel, our favorite writer on the awesome potential of Young Living Essential Oils. My 4 year old tow­headed sweethearted nephew is staring into the refrigerator as I walk into the kitchen. “What are you looking for, Georgie Boy?” (his nickname), I ask. He replies, “the purple bottle. I have a bug […]

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Reflexology and Care for Summertime Feet

This post is updated from a very old one I had shared. Writing the original, I stumbled across a comment on another great blog out there: “Every barefoot adventure should come with a reflexologist included.” I couldn’t agree more! Thankfully, after a slow cold start to Spring in Memphis, the days have finally warmed up. […]

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