A Few Summer Activity Ideas (around Memphis) with the Children

imageMy grandchildren are a very special part of my life. When my daughter’s two girls are at Gramma’s house they often ask to play “rub feet”. They do their very best to be my reflexologist, and they love for me to spend a few minutes rubbing their feet as well. They each have their favorite techniques they like me to use. 🙂

It makes me wonder where the years have gone to realize that both of them will be in school all day this Fall —  for the first time. . . And “Fall” is coming quickly for those in the Shelby County (TN) Schools. In four short weeks students will be back in school. For some parents that day is probably not approaching quickly enough. For others of you, you may be wondering where the time went and are realizing there’s just a short time to plan some fun activities with your children and/or grandchildren.

Today I spent some time Googling just what possibilities there are in Memphis for some close to home adventures. Here are a few that surfaced in my search. (In Memphis…. they won’t include the sand pail and shovel, though. You’ll have to travel to the beach for that.)

The Peabody Ducks make their march from Rooftop Palace to the Peabody Fountain at 11 a.m. each morning. Their return march is at 5 p.m. They, of course, spend their days in the fountain. Did you know ducks were not the first residents of The Peabody’s lobby fountain? Rumor has it that turtles and baby alligators each briefly graced the fountain in the 1920s.

When you’ve visited the ducks, why not take a ride up and down the Trolley Line? I strongly recommend an indulgent snack at Cheesecake Corner on G.E. Patterson at the south end of the line. A great place for the best cheesecake around! Day passes for the trolley are available.

Mud Island offers fun and discovery. The Riverwalk follows the Mighty Mississippi from its source to where it spills into the Gulf of Mexico. Paddle boats, picnic areas, and the River Museum (which includes a 4,000 gallon fresh water aqaurium and SO much more) are all spots to spend some time together. Mud Island may be reached from the Trolley Line as well.

Play together in The Big Backyard at the Memphis Botanic Gardens. It’s unlikely your children/grandchildren will be disappointed in the activities here. Lots of hands on fun!

Take a bike ride on the Memphis Greenline. Accessible from several locations in the area, the Greenline offers miles of trails free from street traffic, along with areas of nature discoveries along the route.

My granddaughters love The Memphis Zoo. Last year feeding the birds in the Birds and Bees exhibit kept us entertained for a goodly portion of our visit. This one will be on our schedule before they head to school in August. I’m thinking they may decide to take me to visit Stingray Bay this time.

And an easy do with little preparation involved: how about a favorite donut shop for breakfast or treats at a smoothie stop or sno-cone palace?

However you choose to spend these last few weeks of summer vacation, make some memories and enjoy the time together!

For that close to home get-a-way just for you, schedule a reflexology appointment today. . . Relaxation and rejuvenation just for you. Descriptions of our sessions, our hours, location, contact info, and fees may be found by exploring the other areas of this website. Or just give me a call today to schedule (901-674-3934).


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