Recommended Guide for DIY Reflexology

So many times I’m asked if I would teach class or share a book that would teach some self-help reflexology. In my years of reflexology experience I’ve acquired quite a library of great titles loaded with helpful reflexology tips and techniques. In my Footsteps in Eden Reflexology practice, I love sharing simple, but effective reflexology tips from those resources, that fit a particular client’s challenges on any given day.

Screen shot 2015-04-06 at 2.34.40 PMIdiot’s Guides: Reflexology by Bill Flocco is a new release in reflexology literature. This is the best resource (in my humble opinion) I have seen for helping anyone learn some simple reflexology helps for themselves and their families. The book offers many very helpful suggestions for numerous health challenges, making it a valuable friend in my reflexology workspace. At the same time, the methods and the reflexes to work are so well explained and diagrammed that DIY reflexology is made accessible and simple for everyone.

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