Compassion: Passion with a Gentle Touch

imageThe RED theme continues, and I’m thinking you may wonder where exactly this post is going. Stick with me. I’ll show you. 🙂

Today I am privileged to share a very special update. Followers on my Facebook page met Clarise back in November.  She lives in the area of the Philippines hard hit by Typhoon Yolanda, and attends a Compassion center in her home city. (Compassion centers provide education, spiritual growth opportunities, healthcare, meals and lots of love and encouragement for children living in poverty.) We are honored to be Clarise’s sponsor. While very concerned for all those in the storm’s path, our pressing concern was for Clarise and her family. Her center was one of the last to report. Around Christmas we learned that she was not on any of the lists of those with major reported needs. That was great news, but a few days ago we actually received a letter from Clarise written after the storm!

“Last few weeks ago typhoon “Yolanda” visited the Philippines with its strong winds and heavy rain. Some water entered our house but it dried quickly. I thank God that He protects us. As it was seen in the television there are many casualties left by the typhoon. Sad thing, all our plants died, but it’s fine because we can replant again. ~~Love Clarise”

For those of you who stood with us in prayer, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

The relationship we’ve built with Clarise and other Compassion children through sponsorship has been a huge blessing. We’ve had an amazing opportunity to love them and be a part of the encouragement children in impoverished situations need so desperately. Our little granddaughters are involved as well, creating great artwork and letters for them, and they pray for them every single day. So how does all this connect to RED? I’m happy your curiousity is aroused, and I’m glad you asked.

When we add a little gentleness to the color RED the result is PINK. When we add a little gentleness to “passion” the result may be “compassion.” Interestingly, RED often suggests passion, while PINK suggests compassion. The dictionary defines compassion as “a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering.”

Expressing compassion provides benefits for the giver as well — maybe more than you’re imagining. We all know it makes us happier to give than to receive, but did you know that being compassionate also boosts our health and longevity and a bunch more! This link offers a fun graphic presentation of at least 10 benefits.

There are opportunities everywhere for us to show our compassion. While the color PINK suggests compassion, compassion is no sissy endeavor. Opportunities to boldly share with others in need are everywhere. Compassion is one of them. There are so many children waiting for sponsors. You might like to consider sharing your life and resources with one of them. Visit Compassion’s website to meet them.

By the way, you will find lots of BLUE, not PINK, on Compassion’s website. BLUE suggests honesty and integrity. This organization certainly has that. Their ministry is near and dear to my heart, with a portion of all Footsteps In Eden Reflexology’s income going to support children in need through this organization.

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