Gracious Giving

imageToday Connie Scheel shares about Gratitude with our Footsteps In Eden Reflexology readers. She’s included two of Young Living’s blends that she treasures for her enhancing her quiet time and allowing her to take her gratitude for Jesus in her life, with her all day long. It ties in perfectly with the old, old post I re-shared yesterday. It’s ALL about Gratitude and Giving from a heart of child-like wonder for God’s amazing Love for us.

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by Connie Scheel

Are you in the mood of giving this holiday season? Is your Holiday Shopping list long and a look just a little crazy? Are you buying gifts that you’re really excited to give?

Over the past couple years I have committed to giving gifts that I’m truly excited to give to people that I deeply value and love. It’s no coincidence that this has shift happened around the same time that my Gratitude Practice deepened. As my gratitude expands so does my generosity. And I’m seeing Jesus in other people, and myself, more often.

Young Living essential oils have enriched my prayers and gratitudes. Cedarwood and Valor are my favorite EOs to use during my Spiritual times. Cedarwood is such a calming and centering aroma for me. It also helps me to focus in and dig deep into gratitude. There’s just something about Cedarwood that feels sacred to me. Same goes for Valor! It’s a blend that include Frankincense so it feels really appropriate during Christmas. Valor is renowned for it’s strengthening properties and is helpful in aligning the body’s energy. Two great EOs to deepen your spiritual practice. Adding a drop or 2 to my essential oil diffuser bracelet at the end of my prayer time lets me bring the aromatic energy of my prayers into the rest of my day and serves as a gentle reminder to act with Love and forgiveness.

As our spiritual practices go deeper the more we want to GIVE to others in various ways. Perhaps giving to others is our human way to show our gratitude to God. God’s grace magnifying into gracious giving to people we Love.

Consider taking another look at your Christmas shopping list with spirit of gracious giving. I wonder how much it may shift….

Wishing you a joyful Christmas full of child-like wonder and God’s Love.

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