Plantar Fasciitis

We see clients every week faced with this painful challenge. To better respond to these needs, Lynn has received advanced reflexology training in a plantar fasciitis-specific protocol. Your session begins with our Oasis in Eden. To that we add the plantar fasciitis work, which is client participatory. Our clients are reporting great improvements with their pain. This is particularly true when faithfully following at home self-help steps, which are shared with each client.
•Oasis in Eden with Plantar Fasciitis work on one foot $75
•Oasis in Eden with Plantar Fasciitis work on both feet $85

Please allow approx. 75-85 mins for the Plantar Fasciitis sessions. Packages are available and will be designed individually during your personal consultation time.

Reflexologists are not medical doctors, do not practice medicine, do not diagnose or treat for specific illness or conditions (including pregnancy), and do not prescribe or adjust medications. Reflexology should not be a substitute for regular medical care.